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    Oracle Installation Guide

    Hi Friends,

    Installation of Oracle is dammed easy right? Just in a couple of clicks, and Oracle would be installed.

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    Actually we need to consider so many things before proceeding for Installation of Oracle. Optimal Flexible Architecture of Oracle helps easy management of Oracle databases. But in most of the cases, expert DBA also ignores this thing during installation. On the web, you will get so many Oracle installation guide but there is no installation technical paper that provides guidance of basic mistakes of Oracle installation process. Due to this reason, we are trying to light on some basic steps for consideration before Oracle installation.

    As a result, so many mysterious issues of performance and database management would be occurring. Changes some configuration needs long downtime of the database or might be re-install Oracle too.

    We have published a nice article for focusing on the same point of view on our site. Kindly check Oracle Installation Guide.

    We hope you are enjoying the knowledge sharing of Dbametrix. We are requesting you to join our IT and Oracle Forums and participate in assistance to the IT community.

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