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    Hi Friends,


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    We have been getting a lot of inquiries regarding Oracle DBA coursewares and Oracle RAC DBA coursewares.

    Actually candidates are being confused due to a lot of coursewares of Oracle DBA available in the market.

    Presently following coursewares are available in DBAMETRIX Solutions

    Oracle 9i DBA
    Oracle 10g DBA
    Oracle 11g DBA
    Oracle 9i/10g Real Application Cluster DBA (Oracle RAC DBA)
    Oracle 9i Data-Guard
    Oracle 10g Data-Guard
    Oracle 11g Data-Guard
    Advance Oracle Security & Hack-proof Oracle
    Advance Performance Tuning methodology and Forecasting.

    For filling the gaps and confusion we are going to introduce new courseware named “EXPERT ORACLE DBA courseware”

    Contains of EXPERT ORACLE DBA courseware
    Oracle 11g DBA course
    Oracle 10g and Oracle 9i DBA features
    Oracle 10g Real Application Cluster DBA
    Adavance Oracle Security and HACK-PROOF Oracle
    Advance Performance Tuning methodology and Forecasting
    Oracle 9i/10g/11g Data-Guard

    Means It covers all Oracle DBA coursewares in single course. Which is really needed for be Expert Oracle DBA as per market demand.

    We don’t create traditional DBAs but we generate Next Generation’s HIGH TECH DBAs.

    Thanks and regards,
    DBAMETRIX Solutions
    [email protected]



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