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    Compare MySQL Oracle

    Hi Friends,

    Excellent article found to compare MySQL Oracle at the database administration level.

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    From the article……..

    So many times, the question is raining in every Database Administrator that what is the difference between MySQL and Oracle. Both are popular RDBMS. But in characteristics of MySQL Oracle and Oracle are different. Compare to Oracle, the usage of MySQL is different. And compare to MySQL, usage of Oracle is different. Because characteristics are different from both databases. This article is useful in Database Services and Database Administration.
    MySQL and Oracle databases are two relational databases, which are used extensively all over the world; they are two of the most popular databases around the world. Most of the databases work in a similar fashion, yet there are some differences here and there. Let us try to compare Oracle and MySQL and find out what differences these two relational databases have.

    The above article is very useful to understand the difference between both most popular RDBMS. Wonderful comparison between MySQL and Oracle database.

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    Expert Database Services Team

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