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    Errors In ERP Implementation

    The article explains which type of errors are encountering during ERP implementation and the resulting failure project

    Failure Of Operation In ERP Implementation

    ERP or enterprise resource planning is a perfect solution for promoting the operational efficiency of the business field. This multi-module application software is a key way to achieve company goals and strategies at a faster rate. At present, ERP is one of the commonly used software packages by small and medium-sized companies for increasing their productivity. This integrated application of software package is benefited with lots of advantages. Long term analyzing, better maintenance, flexible infrastructure, user-friendly operation, and improved human capital management are some main advantages of using ERP software packages.

    Implementation of ERP software packages in an organization depends on versatile factors. Size of software package, implementation process, requirements of the company, and quality of services offered by vendor are some of the factors affecting ERP implementation. For the proper working of an ERP software system with no error, you have to evaluate certain factors before implementation. Resource requirements, datasheet of business infrastructure, proper designing of project, and planning of ownership costs and hidden costs are some main factors among them.

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    Failure of operation is a commonly reported trouble in the ERP implementation process. For attaining maximum profit in the business field, the implementation should be done in assistance with good team support so that strategies are error free. Now, let’s see in detail the factors causing errors in ERP implementation. Improper resource content is the main factor affecting the proper implementation of ERP software packages. Insufficiency of project resources may lead to failure of system operation. So before starting the implementation process, it is recommended to have a good look at the resource category. Lack of proper management of company resources is another factor listed under the factors for error in ERP implementation. For achieving the maximum profit from resources, the project has to be designed well with lots of modification facilities. The manager of the company plays a vital role here. He should be able to cooperate and manage the resource strategies as per the needs of the company.

    Error due to customization is an important factor coming under the category of errors in ERP implementation. It is one of the commonly occurring error conditions in most companies. Customization is an essential process needed for a company to achieve business goals. Too much customization of ERP system focusing on business goal may result in an error. Also, employees may take more time to adapt to the new system package. This increases the chance of error and risks of operational failure of ERP software system. It can be well solved by doing a step by step approach to customization.

    Lack of involvement in the implementation process is another cause leading way to an error in ERP implementation. Proper involvement of all resources is an essential factor needed for improving the efficiency of a company. Lack of involvement arise the risk of errors in ERP implementation finally leading way to operational failure of the system. A dedicated group of team members is a needy factor for enhancing the business profit in the global market sector. Professional efficiency of employees, implementation process, vendor service, maintenance, and support play major roles in developing involvement.

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