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    What is new achievement of Tech?

    Being in the cloud means the opportunity to have access from any place and device to agile solutions that promote collaborative work and immediacy, safeguarding confidential information in a secure place capable of managing large amounts of data. Basically, being in the cloud is having your feet firmly on the ground.

    In the same way that the world of technology is evolving, businesses that have the firm intention of staying in the future must transform at the speed of the digital age. Faced with the exponential growth of technology and its wide offer of solutions for business, adopting innovative solutions, agile working methodologies and accelerating process change from the inside out, became the main responsibility of decision-makers of all the organizations.

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    This great task not only involves changing a deep-seated and conservative business mindset but also investing in updated tools that lead to streamlining processes to be more productive and thus obtain the expected results in less time. Cloud services are one of the main starting points to successfully complete your digital transformation, thanks to their high levels of flexibility and accessibility, which facilitate smooth processes.

    Today you can find various providers specialized in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that are making a great effort to develop comprehensive solutions for specific needs and offer platforms as a service for a business that, according to Gartner, has a potential value of US $103.9 billion by 2020.

    The cloud has all the features that guarantee better security and performance for organizations. The resources it offers such as services, applications, servers or networks, as well as the advantage of not having to invest in large infrastructures, platforms or own servers, ensure an effective return on investment; minimizing risks, costs, management times and storage space, and all guaranteeing the protection and availability of information.

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    As we can see, its popularity and rapid spread in all the productive sectors of the economy is not fortuitous, and despite the fact that according to data from the consulting firm IDC, by 2020, 55% of software investment in Latin America will be in the cloud, it still exists. great potential in the Colombian domestic market to generate an optimal environment for growth, both for technology companies that already offer cloud solutions, and for the rest of the market’s business ecosystem.

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    Once the potential of the Colombian market has been developed, the key is to find the best ally: one with experience, worldwide recognition and capable of accompanying you grounded in the process of digital transformation of companies towards the cloud.

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