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    Coding in linux

    Detail explanation of why linux coding require to learn and how it is useful.

    Coding in Linux

    Are you aware of what Linux is? If you’ve never heard of it before then you’re probably not that technical, but it does not matter. Whether you are technologically aware or not, you can benefit from this operating system. Linux can run fast on any kind of processor because it was written using a sophisticated programming language and the world’s best programmers have worked on it.

    The history of Linux goes back further than the operating systems used by Microsoft and Apple. It is based on Unix which in turn was based on the mainframe computers back in the 60s. Those were the days when computers that could do a tenth of what a tablet can do today, were as big as houses. That’s not taking away anything from those devices. For their time, they were quite advanced and that period was a necessary step in the development of the computer.

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    Linux is still the basis for the operating system used on super computers. It is also used on the so called embedded systems; these are the devices where the operating system has been built into it.

    Coding in Linux– Linux is open source software, which basically means that everyone is free to use it and even change it as they see fit. This is the reason why most technologically inclined users prefer it over other operating systems. It allows them to make changes to that so it can become customized for their own uses. A great editor we found is C.

    The good thing about Linux is that it can support a great number of programming languages that makes it ideal for customization. Others see it as complicated software that is harder to use, but what they fail to realize is that its features make it ideal for being customized for specific uses.

    Uses of Linux– Linux is just like any other operating system and it can be used for a lot of purposes. There are some areas though where it would work quite very well. Here are a few of those areas:

    • Serving– A great majority of web servers run on Linux for a variety of reasons.
    • Networking– Most corporate networks and a great part of the Web run on Linux.
    • Database-Because it is very stable, that makes it ideal for running databases.
    • Computing- Linux systems can be interconnected in order to perform a single task. That makes them ideal for use in heavy duty scientific computations.
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