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    Export dump failed with ORA-31693 error

    Resolution of ORA-31693 error during export or import in Oracle.

    Resolution of ORA-31693: Table data object failed to load/unload and is being skipped due to error

    When you are exporting or importing for baking up or restoring database, that time sometimes we are getting ORA-31693: Table data object failed to load/unload and is being skipped due to error.

    Export or Import could fail with the following error:

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    ORA-31693: Table data object failed to load/unload and is being skipped due to error:

    ORA-31640: unable to open dump file for read
    ORA-19505: failed to identify file
    ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status
    Solaris-AMD64 Error: 2: No such file or directory
    Additional information: 3

    In this time, we are confusing about what to do. We are trying to get rid of this kind of mysterious and critical situation. Solution of this kind of error is very simple.

    Solution of ORA-31693:

    Try to run export or import without the ‘Parallel’ option.

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    Most of cases, above solution works and very few incident it won’t work that time you should need to open ticket with Oracle support.

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