OCR Backup and Recovery in Oracle RAC

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How to perform backup of Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) and how to recover OCR.

Can we take backup online of OCR? Can we perform recovery of OCR online?

New article has been released for backup and recovery of OCR in Oracle RAC database. Please read more from same article below.

How to perform Backup and Recovery of OCR Oracle cluster registry in Oracle RAC database.

From this same article…….

How to Recover OCR from EXPORT Backup?

We can import metadata of OCR from export dump. Before importing Stop Oracle RAC database, RAC instances and Cluster. Reboot Cluster and remove OCR partition as well as OCR mirror partition. Recreate using ‘dd’ command both partitions. Import metadata of OCR from export dump file of backup. Example commands as following

$srvctl -stop database -d RACDB (Shutdown all RAC instances and RAC database)

$crsctl stop crs (Shutdown Cluster)

#rm -f /u01/oradata/racdb/OCRFile

#dd if=/dev/zero of=/u01/oradata/racdb/OCRFile bs=4096 count=65587

#chown root /u01/oradata/racdb/OCRFile

#chgrp oinstall /u01/oradata/racdb/OCRFile

#chmod 640 /u01/oradata/racdb/OCRFile”

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