As Oracle DBA we are familer with SCOTT schema. This schema is default sample and example schema which is available since past several  years.

Why this SCOTT schema still persists?

Do you guess any reason?

Who is  SCOTT?

Actualy beginner of  SQL*Plus was Bruce Scott. He was original auther of SQL*Plus.  In the memory of Bruce Scott, a sample schema named “scott” has been created in Oracle database with set of example tables for learning purpose.  There are famous tables like EMP, DEPT, SALGRADE , BONUS.

Password of Scott schema is “tiger” coming from his daughter’s cat name. His daughter’s cat name was “tiger”.

Bruce Scott was the first employee of Oracle Corporation. Due to these reasons Oracle Corporation still use default sample schema named “SCOTT” and password of same schema as “tiger” .

Thanks and Regards,

Gitesh Trivedi