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    Hidden parameter checking script for Oracle

    Hi friends,

    So many times we need to check hidden parameters of Oracle. Sometime we forgot script of data dictionary views for writing sql script.

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    Here I am providing you SQL script for check hidden parameters of Oracle. For executing this script you should need to login as SYSDBA. Because only X$ tables are providing hidden parameter and value detailing. For performing tasks of database administration, it is very keen idea to keep in mind value of some hidden parameters.

    Hidden Parameter checking Script:

    SQL> SELECT ksppinm name,
    ksppstvl value,
    ksppdesc description
    FROM x$ksppi x, x$ksppcv y
    WHERE (x.indx = y.indx)
    AND x.inst_id=y.inst_id
    AND ksppinm LIKE ‘_%’ ESCAPE ”
    ORDER BY name;

    From Oracle 10g, there new hidden parameters with double underscore were introduced. Those parameter are specially for  Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM) feature. In short you should need to keep in mind for same.

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