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    DBVERIFY error DBV-00102: File I/O error on FILE

    Hi Friends,

    Today we are going to discuss a well-known DBVERIFY error called DBV-00102.

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    Error Code: DBV-00102: File I/O error on FILE

    Error itself indicates File I/O contention.

    Root Cause of Error:>

    When we are executing dbv command for checking of corruption issue in datafile, that time if DBV read the contains of files and check file block validation. Means DBV performs READ operation on given datafile at OS level. If any problem occurs during a read operation on an operating system level at that time we are getting above DBV-00102 error. It doesn’t indicate the corruption of datafile but it due to the problem found in disk io.

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    There is so many reasons behind this error. May be disk space is full or CPU consumption is more. OR some mismatch found with size of datafile.


    Resize datafile with one block smaller. If this statement failed then resize datafile one block larger. After finishing the successful operation of resizing again make it the original size of the database. Confused?!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok. No problem let us take one example.


    If users01.dbf datafile size is 2147483648 and our database block size is 8K (8192 bytes) then issue following command. Calculation is 2147483648 (original size of datafile)-8192=2147475456

    alter database datafile ‘/u01/oradata/test/users01.dbf’ resize 2147475456;

    If command fail then resize one block larger. calculation is 2147483648 (original size of datafile)+8192=2147491840

    alter database datafile ‘/u01/oradata/test/users01.dbf’ resize 2147491840;

    After finishing the above one of the command makes it datafile in original size as follows.

    alter database datafile ‘/u01/oradata/test/users01.dbf’ resize 2147483648;

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