Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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    Hi friends,

    Great News from Dbametrix……..

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    Lunching of new product called ET support Plan for Remote Oracle DBA support.

    We are pleased to inform that we have launched a new remote Oracle DBA support service called ET support. It is quite different and best in its class structure and especially helpful to cost cutting and save your I.T budget.

    The main features and qualities of our ET support Plan are:

    1. It is support using Emails & Tickets on Service Level Agreement basis. This support service called ET support due to services is providing on EMAILs and TICKETs.
    2. We are offering different response time feature of SLA for ET remote Oracle DBA support service.
    3. It is very cheap cost and starts from $5 per day (Monthly $150) or less than it, depends on support time and response time.
    4. ET support is flexible plan for customize response time & chatting support.
    5. There is no hidden cost in same pricing.
    6. There is no dependencies of number databases or number of instances.
      It covers Oracle RAC databases also.
    7. Support is being provided by L2, L3 & L4 resources with high certified and expertise.
    8. ET remote dba support service is covering Oracle 7,Oracle 8, Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g.
    9. ET remote dba support service has no dependencies of operating systems. It covers Windows, Unix & Linux.
    10. ET remote dba support service is covering 24*7 environment if client needs.
      Free trial of ET service plan is also available.

    We are sure our product ET remote dba support service will prove more useful and reasonable to you. For more information kindly check our following web link. http://www.dbametrix.com/pricing.html

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    For more information of free trial kindly send your valuable inquiry to us.

    Your valuable suggestions are most acceptable.

    We hope to receive your interest in our product.

    Thanking you,

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