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    RAID partitioning of Disks

    The blog post explains what are the RAID options available how those provide advantages and disadvantages for database server.

    Advantages of RAID partitioning for Database Server

    RAID stands for Redundant Array of cheap Disks. it’s a way of mixing several hard drives into one unit. This method offers fault tolerance (the ability of a system to still perform functions even when one or more disc drives have failed) and better protection against data loss than one drive.

    Why would I like RAID RECOVERY?

    RAID provides real-time data recovery when a tough drive fails, increasing system uptime and network availability while protecting against loss of information. An additional benefit of the system is that several disks functioning together escalate the whole system’s performance. A person or company may benefit from having a RAID RECOVERY system in situ.

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    RAID with Different Levels:

    There are several different levels of RAID available. Each level offers various advantages in terms of knowledge availability, cost and performance. Your best bet is to assess your needs to see which level works best for you. The foremost popular RAID systems are the following:

    RAID 0

    Data striping (no data protection). The advantage of this technique is that it offers the very best performance.

    RAID 1

    Disk Mirroring (delivers data safeguard by replicating all data from a primary drive on a secondary drive). The good thing about this technique is it offers the best data protection.

    RAID 0/1

    This pools both Raids 0 and 1. The benefit here is the highest performance + highest data protection.

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    RAID 5

    Data striping with distributed parity (a kind of data protection that recreates the information of a failed drive in an exceeding disk array). This method offers the simplest cost performance for multi-drive environments.

    Having a RAID system implemented can deliver peace of awareness. With RAID installed, you’ll be able to rest assured that even in the event of a system failure, your important data are going to be safe.

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    1. After Automatic Storage Management ASM feature launches, I do not think RAID is helpful for Oracle database server.

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