How to prevent disk I/O using a different file systems?

Disk IO TuningCan we eliminate disk I/O performance bottleneck using raw devices?

So many answers you would get for this question. Sometimes it is YES or sometimes NO.

But the important thing is that can we really know what is the raw devices. What about the characteristics and detail of raw devices. How it is working and why it uses for preventive action to save disk I/O of Oracle Database server.

The article explains detail important and Characteristics of Raw devices usage in Oracle database server with advantages and disadvantages of raw devices. For be Oracle tuning expert, you should need hardware and operating system specifics too.

We are trying to show you every tuning details for providing a hint to become Oracle performance tuning experts.

Article Raw devices is proper solutions to cut down disk I/O in Oracle server? shows you more detail for the same concept of disk io of Oracle server bottleneck performance issue and memory crunch usages of file systems. More technical articles you can find out from our Oracle DBA Tips section.

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