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    Hello Oracle DBA!


    Hello all Oracle DBA,

    We discuss:
    For Oracle DBA support, free services, free support, oracle errors, oracle troubleshooting, oracle performance, oracle tuning, oracle recovery, oracle expert skill sets, database dba, offshore dba support,
    This BLOG will provide guidance and discussion for oracle related issues like problems, new features, latest great news, tips, DBA TIPS, and searching jobs.
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    WELCOME into Oracle DBA Forum:

    This site is not only for you to get a solution to your problem but for all of us to become better.”SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW, LEARN WHAT YOU DON’T”.
    We are publishing very useful tips and techniques for Oracle DBA related skills.

    This is the BLOG of Dbametrix Solutions and linked with WordPress. Now start to discussion on technical problems and give your valuable comments.

    Wish you all the best.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Offshore Remote DBA support team

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