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    Hi friends,

    How to set OSAUTH_PREFIX_DOMAIN in Oracle database for windows security of Oracle databases.

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    Yes, we can set OSAUTH_PREFIX_DOMAIN parameter in windows registry as follows.

    Go to following windows registry of Oracle software


    And add an entry of OSAUTH_PREFIX_DOMAIN=true

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    This entry forces the external users to use the domain names in login. After enabling this entry in your server. We can create an external user as follows.

    create user “OPS$NTDOMAINusername” identified externally;

    Means if you are login as scott/tiger it becoming as your_domainscott/tiger.

    This entry will prevent OS account spoofing.

    In the Unix box, we can export the same parameter as an environment variable or add the same as a variable in .profile or .bash_profile.

    Sometimes we can get the following error due to mismatch domain name login as an external user.

    ORA-01017: invalid username/password; login denied

    Thanks and regards,

    Dbametrix Solutions

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