Friday, October 30, 2020
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    Hi friends,

    Why registration is required for download free Oracle materials, Learn by Presentation series, scripts,technical papers and tips?

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    Why registration is required for upload statspack/AWR reports and trace files in dbametrix site?

    I have very good answers for it….

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    Registration is required for..

    To avoide un-neccessary traffic.
    To avoide un-limited upload due to server sizing issue.
    To avoide un-authorise usage of stuff.
    To keep track with every user for thier requirement and suggestions.

    May be more than these reasons..

    Means registration is neccessary for download free oracle materials,scripts,learn by presentation CBT,tips etc.
    Registration is neccessary for upload of statspack/AWR reports for getting expert advice and tips for tuning.

    FREE Registration is opening in the website for getting above benefites. Rush and get register immediately. There is no gurantee when It would be closed. It depends on web traffic only.

    Thanks and regards,
    Gitesh Trivedi

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