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    What is definition of Database

    Hi Friends,

    After being Database Administrator, did you think over the definition of the database? Does any time think over what is data? Which contents called Data?

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    Different types of explanations or definitions you can get from various books, articles, and online resources. While we are taking an example at that time we can think over that it not a perfect definition of database or data.

    For understanding, the definition of the database first we should need to look at “what is data” . After getting the exact description of data, then you can better understand what type of data or what kind of data can make a database.

    Dbametrix has published an article recently for understanding “What is data and database – Definition”. You can get a better idea of data and databases using this article. Definition of database and definition of data is clearly explained in this article.

    For more articles of database administration or database services you can find out from Oracle DBA resources section from Dbametrix Solutions.

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    Wish you all the best

    Thanks and regards,

    Expert Remote Database Service team

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