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    The Life of DBAs is Changing

    Article explains how The Life of DBAs is Changing in Self-Managing Oracle Database. An detail introduction of Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud

    Self-Managing Oracle Database: The Life of DBAs is Changing

    Oracle planned to launch a revolutionary database by the end of 2017 with a big surprise for administrators: it practically does not need to be managed by them. The company believes that the concept of the work of a database administrator will now change, and the savings when using a stand-alone DBMS in comparison with Amazon offers will be 50-80%.

    Oracle announced the creation of a fully self-governing, autonomous Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud “unparalleled in the world.” The development is based on Oracle Database 18c. The novelty was presented by Larry Ellison himself at the Oracle OpenWorld conference.

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    It is expected that the first stand-alone DBMS will begin work in late 2017 for the Data Warehouse cloud service. Then there will be services such as OLTP Database, Express Database and NoSQL Database. The DBMS can be implemented on the Oracle Exadata platform at the customer, in Oracle Cloud as a cloud service, or embedded in Oracle Cloud at the Customer.

    Allison said that the self-managing database is as revolutionary as the Internet. With machine learning, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud requires very little administration or configuration. Also, the possibility of human error is eliminated. According to Oracle, this is similar to autopilot.

    Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud eliminates the need for administrators to perform day-to-day tasks such as resource allocation, configuration, backups, and upgrades. The base is able to do all this itself, based on the specified policies. The administrator will be left with design, access control, analytics and data protection.

    The machine learning engine in Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud analyzes system event logs with information about everything that happens to networks, servers, operating systems, storage systems, virtual machines, and programs, as well as analytics and databases. Having trained, the autonomous DBMS will begin to find deviating phenomena in data and events by itself. It will also be able to classify queries and automatically tune the database.

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    The fact that the base itself detects anomalous events should significantly increase the level of its security. The DBMS itself will be able to track a cyberattack and stop it, or apply patches, moreover, without stopping work.

    By automatically optimizing caching, indexing, parallel execution, distribution and data compression, a stand-alone DBMS should become less demanding on system resources. OLTP and data warehouse tasks should be faster.

    Ellison said that fulfilling the management responsibilities of the DBMS itself would help the business save money. According to him, the tests carried out have confirmed that using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud will cost 5-8 times less than using Oracle in the Amazon RDS cloud with the same requests for the same data. When comparing queries with Amazon Redshift, it was found that a self-managing database was 15 times cheaper, says Ellison. Amazon Data Warehouse customers can save 50% to 80% by migrating to Oracle Autonomous Database.

    Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is claimed to be 99.995% available, which means no more than 30 minutes of inactivity per year. Ellison also said that the Amazon cloud does not provide such continuity of work, although the access rates there are much higher than Oracle’s self-managed DBMS.

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    1. Obviously, life and role of DBA changed in last couple of years after cloud computing introduced in database and SaaS, PaaS, and DBaaS.

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