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Today we are explaining Oracle Critical Patch. Yes, sometimes you are getting this mail from Oracle support (every 3 months). But how many times you checked about the critical patch?

Oracle Critical patch – A practical solution to secure Oracle Database

Every time you are getting mail from Oracle support about Oracle critical patch update. Very few people are taking interest in Oracle critical patch. I have seen many clients are not interested to apply Oracle critical patch on the database.

If you are asking those people about why they are not applying Oracle critical patch then simple reply we got “it is not useful”.

Oracle critical patch is most useful to secure your database from the security risks and vulnerability exploitation. Oracle critical patch contains a number of security fixes that were found by Oracle support as well as other clients. Hence it is more important to apply said patch on production. How can we say that it is not usable?

If we know the importance of our data and database then the security of the database is equally important. Oracle critical patch can offer better security because it restricts security black holes and exploitation. With the help of Oracle critical patch, we can close backdoors of databases that were attracting intruders and hackers for entering our database and easiest way to theft our important data.

Nowadays, data security is more important in the global high tech world. Using net any intruder can enter your database anytime without any hurdles. If we are able to close our backdoors of the database then we can able to protect our databases.

Applying a critical patch of Oracle is the superlative decision to build more protection of your database. Hence critical patch includes sets of vulnerabilities exclusion pieces. Vulnerabilities are before now experimented by Oracle technicians and found by different affected clients. New vulnerabilities and security holes always created because new features are being introduced in new versions. If I am not using some of the Oracle features then why I should need to apply a critical patch – this question always raised by most of my clients. If you are not using any of the database features then security risk does not become decreasing. The database always ships with all features of Oracle and when you are installing the same database without knowing of security holes and bugs. An intruder or hacker knows only security black holes of the Oracle database. The attacker always finds new black holes of database to hack database and stealing important information from database.

If you are working in remote database support industries then the Security of the database is a very important concern for you. Maintaining the security of Oracle database and protect Oracle database from intruders and hackers is equally important like high availability of database or backup of Oracle database. To provide maximum security during remote Oracle support applying Oracle critical patch is a useful solution.

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