How to kill session in Oracle

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In various critical situations Oracle DBA has to decide to kill existing session or kill the background process of Oracle.

Then question is raised that in which type of situation remote dba should need to kill session and process. We are explaining those situations and incidences here.

When blocking lock occurs and other sessions are waiting to acquire a lock on same object. But blocker session doesn’t end the transaction. At this moment Remote oracle dba should need to identify blocking session and terminate it for clearing resources for other sessions.

When maximum connections reached error occurs. No room available for any new connection or session. At this time Remote Oracle DBA should need to kill some of idle processes from Oracle database.

When database found in hang status and shutdown abort command also doesn’t work, at same time Remote Dba should need to terminate instance abnormally with murdering background processes.

In above critical situation we need to kill or terminate or murder some session or process using command line or GUI utility like OEM, TOAD etc. But command line is more easy and helpful to solve such critical situation in remote DBA support services.

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