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How to set OSAUTH_PREFIX_DOMAIN in Oracle database for windows security of Oracle databases.

Yes, we can set OSAUTH_PREFIX_DOMAIN parameter in windows registry as follows.

Go to following windows registry of Oracle software


And add entry of OSAUTH_PREFIX_DOMAIN=true

This entry forces external user to use domain name in login. After enabling this entry in your server. We can create external user as follows.

create user “OPS$NTDOMAINusername” identified externally;

Means if you are login as scott/tiger it becoming as your_domainscott/tiger.

This entry will prevent OS account spoofing.

In Unix box, we can export same parameter as environment variable or add same as variable in .profile or .bash_profile.

Sometime we can get following error due to mismatch domain name login as external user.

ORA-01017: invalid username/password; login denied

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