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So many times, we are confusing about what are the top 10 features of Oracle 10g. Even in technical interview, this same question is raised by interview taker.

There are so many new features introduced in Oracle 10g in Rel 1 and Rel 2. Every Oracle DBA has different view to look out these features, especially when we are discussing about TOP 10 features. Different DBA will explain different features. But actually we can say Top 10 new featues should be those which are really impact to whole database and structured as Oracle 10g feature.

Database Support team published a new article on Top 10 Oracle 10g features at our resource database. You can check and read this article with so many another articles for improving knowledge base and general idea of technology of database servers. We always publish unique articles at our resource database for providing ultimate help to Oracle DBA community and other DBA communities. New features are always in demend of every technologiests. Because everyone is interesting to know which are main reason to upgrade their own database. If they are not finding out any good reason then they won’t upgrade their database. Company and application user always is interesting to check these all new features everytime.

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