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Hiring fresher Oracle DBA job is impossible nowadays

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Today we are discussing something different than technical topic. Topic is “getting fresher Oracle DBA jobs is impossible nowadays”. Yes topic is this. It is burning issue and important question. Because I got so many mails regarding same issue and 80-90% candidates are asking me this questions again and again.

I have seen this scenario in present market that recruiter companies don’t take chance to offering job to fresher Oracle techies especially Oracle DBAs. Actually they are not wrong because reading dumps (which are freely available in market) and clearing OCP exams, so many fresher oracle DBA are getting chance to do job and take over responsibilities. Some of are failing to deliver and some of are getting success.

Companies don’t take chance to play with their important and critical database server using fresher Oracle DBA. But in all scenarios this is not true.

Article explains whole scenario very deeply and provide you some solution for getting rid of this kind of situation. Read more from our Oracle DBA tips section.

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